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  • For everyone's comfort, please follow the rules!
    It is the user's responsibility to follow the rules. Remember to check at regular intervals to see if the rules have been updated!

    • Always respect Mod, Admin, Server Admin & Owner.
    • Do not pretend to be Mod, Admin, Server Admin & Owner.
    • Name/nick may not contain any offensive or foul language.
    • Stay nice and have a good tone to all users.
    • Advertisment are not allowed.
    • Harassment and attacks are strictly prohibited.
    • It is not allowed to spread political, religious, pornographic, or other opinions that could be considered offensive or contrary to fundamental human rights.
    • Even if you are joking, some take offense. Think about what you say and to who you say it (having that said, it is obvious that you can joke, but keep it at a level that fits all).
    • Respect the people who want to sit and play in peace without being disturbed by lots of other things.
    • The channels that are not reserved for any particular. It's free-for-all channels.
    • However, use common sense and respect if they say no!
    • Only connect with 1 identity.

    Can't follow the rules above?...
    At first, a warning will be issued. If the behavior doesn't change, in worst case, a permanent ban can be issued on TS!
    No exceptions will be made to these rules. If these rules doesn't fit you, you're not welcome!


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